Being a British Citizen you have an advantage if you want an entry into the USA or Canada. The advantage is that you will only need a British passport and a normal Visa which would take very little time for you. Before you apply for US Visa in UK you should know that gaining an entrance into the USA would be difficult for you, if you do not have a British passport which should be more than two years old.

What Do You Need to Apply for US Visa in UK and Canada Visa?

The countries that you want to visit have a strict Visa procedure but if you have all the proper documents with a valid passport more than two years old, your visa process will be much easier. There are many rules and regulations in the UK as well if you want to travel to places like the USA and Canada with a British Citizen passport. Canada and the USA hold full rights to enforce special rules of entry at any time of the year which will largely depend on their current scenario. We at A4 Travels help you to understand the entry requirements if you are a British passport holder if you want to apply for Canada Visa from UK or a US Visa:
Visa Requirements
Most British born citizens do not need any form of Visa to enter Canada but they would certainly need an ETA. The Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA provides the applicants with an authorization travel document. In the case of a US visa, British citizens need an ESTA, otherwise known as Electronic System for Travel Authorization. To get the ESTA the UK citizen needs to have an electronic passport which would make them eligible for receiving the ESTA and thereby gain entrance into the US.
What is an E-Passport?
An e-passport has an electronic chip that contains the same details and information about the passport holder that the original passport contains. The basic information like the name of the passport holder, his or her date of birth, biographic information along with a biometric identifier is also present in the e-passport as well as the original passport. British citizens cannot hold an e-passport until and they are original passport holders. Many major countries have provisions for e-passports which make traveling and getting Visa easier. According to the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 and the Visa Waiver Program Improvement, every traveler traveling to the US needs to own an e-passport without which they would not be given an entrance under the Visa Waiver Program. If you do not own an e-passport you will need to apply for US Visa in UK.
Apply for Canada Visa from UK
As mentioned earlier, you will not need to get a Visa to gain an entrance into Canada if you are a British national. However, if you were not born there and you recently got your citizenship, you will have to apply for Canada Visa from UK. You will also need to apply for permits if you want to travel to Canada for other reasons that traveling or visiting Canada.

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