Residents of the United Kingdom would not require a visa; they would only need an Electronic System Travel Authorization (ESTA). The ESTA enables British residents to visit the United States or Canada for business or travel purposes as long as 90 days without a visa pre-requisite. ESTA US visa waiver is an online application framework created by the United States government to pre-screen explorers before they are permitted to board a plane or ship destined for the United States. After effectively applying for an ESTA, you are regarded as eligible for a trip to the US under the visa waiver program. Before that ensure that you record your Application Number. The ESTA Application Number is generally 14-characters in length and comprises of a blend of letters and numbers. We suggest you apply for your Travel Authorization in any event 72 hours before your takeoff.
A4 Travels is here to assist you with your US Visa or Canada Visa as fast as possible.

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