apply regular visa to india in uk
We at A4 Travels help tourists who visit India for recreation, casual meetings with friends and family, or sightseeing and need the regular Visa to India. The online Indian Visa application in UK is issued to the candidate with three months to six months duration on single, double or multiple entries. This visa cannot be extended and neither can it be converted.

Eligibility to Apply Regular Visa To India In UK

Applicants who want to travel to India for recreation, tourism and visiting friends and family can apply regular visa to India in UK. You may be eligible for an online Indian Visa application in UK but if you are not eligible then you have to apply for a regular Visa to India.
Visa Process
The applicants receive a visa with certain duration. The purpose of the visit with the Visa has to be for tourism purposes, meeting friends and family, or for a vacation and the applicant is not allowed to do the Visa within the visit duration. The applicants can apply regular visa to India in UK maximum 3 months before the travel. Once you receive the Visa your visa validation starts from the day it was issued. You will receive the Visa within 3-5 working days and the Visa will be stamped on your passport pages.
Processing Time
The processing time varies for every application and the decision is up to the Visa application center in UK and High Commission of India. But for a few applications it may take more time:
  • Non-UK passport holders living for more than two years in the UK will need 6-8 working days
  • Nationals of Pakistan will need minimum 7-8 weeks
  • Nationals of China, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh with proper UK documents will need a minimum of 15 working days
  • Nationals of China, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh with proper UK documents will need a minimum of 15 working days
  • Normal applications will need 3-5 working days
According to the Foreigner (Protected Areas) Order of 1958, the foreigners except Bhutan nationals need to get a Protected Area Permit (PAP) to visit particular places in India. The applicant also has to get a regular Indian Visa along with this special permit. The applicant has to meet the special requirements as well due to security reasons. The Protected Area Permit is necessary for areas like:
  • Parts of Jammu & Kashmir
  • Parts of Rajasthan
  • Parts of Uttarakhand
  • Parts of Himachal Pradesh
  • Parts of Himachal Pradesh
  • Whole of Manipur
  • Whole of Mizoram
  • Whole of Arunachal Pradesh
  • Whole of Nagaland
  • Whole of Sikkim (partly in Protected Area and partly in Restricted Area)
  • Andaman & Nicobar Islands – Entire Union Territory
  • Sikkim- Part of the State
Non-UK Passport Holders: Proof of Residency
Applicants who do not hold a UK passport need to prove that they have been living for over 2 years in the UK to the Visa application center in UK. The residency proof could include permits, telephone bills, gas bills, electricity bills, water bills, tax bills, and tenancy agreement. The bills have to bear the name of the person who paid the bills and this should match with the applicant’s name. The applicants need to provide recent bills along with bills dating back to those of 24-30 months. Applicants, who do not have any proof of residence for more than 2 years in the UK, need to fill the non-UK resident form and pay an extra fee of £10.

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