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According to the constitution of India, any Indian citizen cannot hold Indian citizenship as well as the citizenship of any foreign country. However, the government of India has provided a scheme for Indians living overseas. This scheme is known as the Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) which provides citizenship opportunities to Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) from 26th January 1950 onwards and we at A4 Travels help applicants get OCI card. The applicants with citizenship of Bangladesh and Pakistan are not eligible for this citizenship scheme. Persons of Indian Origin would include people who held Indian Citizens after 26th January 1950. This would also include people who have parents, grandparents or spouses of Indian origin. The OCI card would serve as a lifelong visa for multiple entries. The applicant will be allowed to travel as many times as possible and have longer stays in India. On the off chance that you are working in outside protection won't be qualified to convert your PIO to OCI in UK alongside your relatives. Here you get to know Qualification to apply for OCI card in UK.

Eligibility to Apply for OCI Card in UK

To convert your PIO to OCI in UK, the applicant needs to meet the requirements:
  • The applicant needs to be an Indian citizen from 26th January 1950 onwards
  • The applicant was originated or was born in a territory which became an Indian territory after 15th August 1947
  • The applicant is a direct descendent of such a person
  • The applicant is a minor child of any such person
  • A foreign origin spouse of a person with Indian citizenship or one who holds the Overseas Citizen of India card. The marriage needs to be registered and subsisted with a continuous record for a minimum of 2 years.
People who are Not Eligible for The OCI Application
  • Applicants who are directly related to citizens or people who have originated from Pakistan or Bangladesh is not eligible to apply for OCI card in UK.
  • Minor foreign children born out of registered marriages, step-children or adopted children will not be eligible for OCI application. But if the adopted child has any Indian passport, he or she is eligible for the OCI card.
  • Applicants who do not have the names and nationality of both the parents written on the birth certificate are not eligible for applying for the OCI card.
  • Asylees or stateless applicants and British Overseas Citizens are not eligible to apply for the OCI card.
  • If you are working in foreign defense will not be eligible to convert your PIO to OCI in UK along with your family members. Applicants or foreign diplomats working in the Home Office or Ministry Of Defense will not be eligible to apply.
The Applicants who Receive The OCI Card are Entitled to:
  • When the applicant receives the OCI card, he or she can visit multiple times for any reasons
  • The applicant will not need to register with Foreigners Registration Officer or Foreigners Regional Registration Officer
  • The applicant can stay for any amount of time
  • Non-Resident Indians can buy land for economic, educational and financial purposes but not for agricultural purposes.
  • OCI cardholders can adopt Indian children.
  • OCI cardholders will receive the same airfare tariffs that the non-resident and residents on India receive.
  • OCI cardholders will need to pay the same entry fee for a visit to government recreation facilities like ant resident of India would need to.

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