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Every Indian passport has a validity of 10 years with the only exception that children aged a maximum of 15 years are granted passports with 5 years' validity. But at times when a person undergoes any form of change in their personal and identity-based information, the person needs to apply for a new passport or renew a passport online. We at A4 Travels can help you renew passport online when the existing passport has run out of pages to get new stamps. Old passports where the endorsements were mainly handwritten need to be renewed because at present the pages are printed digitally and then laminated.

Instructions for Indian Passport Renewal UK

The applications need to be submitted in person by the applicant but he or she has to book an appointment with the Visa and Consular Application Centers. However, if the applicant is not able to apply in person for serious reasons, an immediate family member is eligible to apply on behalf of the applicant along with an authority letter containing the reason behind the applicant’s inability to appear for the application submission.
The immediate family member has to provide all the important documents including the original passport, identity documents, academic and work documents, proof of the relationship between the applicant and the person submitting on behalf of the applicant. The applicant needs to carry all the relevant documents for Indian passport renewal UK.
Applicants who are residing in the Jurisdiction of the High Commission of India, London need to submit the applications in any of the offices: Cardiff or Belfast.
Under what circumstances do you need to renew your passport?
You must apply for renewing the passport minimum 4 months before the expiration date. You should apply for renew passport online if:
  • You have no more blank pages left
  • You have lost your passport or it got stolen
  • Your passport got damaged
  • Your spouse name needs to be added
  • Your address has to be changed
  • Your name has to be changed
  • Your spouse is no more with you
  • Your signature has to be changed
  • Your appearance has to be changed.
How to Renew Your Passport Online?
The first step is to fill-up the form for Passport Re-issue. After filling up the form with all the details and photos, the applicant needs to submit and pay for the Indian passport renewal UK. Then you will be informed via email or phone number that your application has been received. They will also address you in case they need any additional information. Then you need to schedule an appointment for the interview. Then you will need to take a print out of the appointment and go for the interview on the date and times slotted for you. Thereafter you pass the interview rounds, your passport will get a new validity date.
Renewed Passports
The renewed passports will be delivered to the applicants by post or mail. However, if you want a renew passport online you will need to have a valid visa.

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