The consular services are for people who are traveling to foreign countries and we at A4 Travels can help you apply for consular services in UK as well by connecting you with your home government. The travelers of a specific country will find a consular of the same country that they belong to and the agents in the consular will provide assistance to those travelers. Anyone traveling abroad faces any issue can apply for consular services in UK. You can't have any significant bearing to apply for consular services in UK for any business help. Several services are provided by the agents in a particular consular such as:
  • Replacement of travel documents
  • Help and support at the time of any sort of accident, illness or death
  • Help and support to victims of a crime committed against them
  • Arranging for the visit of an immediate family member in times of death, illness or other accidents
  • Visiting facilities with incarcerated citizens
  • Help and support with the police in case any citizens is missing or is abducted arranging for loans for distressed travelers
  • Providing help during any crisis for examples natural disasters and civil unrest.
  • Helping the travelers get their social welfare benefits in the overseas
  • Register the birth of children abroad
  • Providing help with finding doctors and lawyers for treatment or legal issues
  • Managing the flag vessels in abroad countries
  • Registering the birth and death of Indians abroad abiding by the relevant Indian laws
  • Registering the marriage of Indians abiding by the relevant Indian laws
  • Help in re-issuing passport, reporting missing passport, report for emergency certification and important documents
  • Providing repatriation or relief to distressed Indians and they are subject rules and regulations
  • Assist Indian in deportation by a foreign government
  • Extraditing Indians under an arrangement or treaty
  • Keeping custody of personal effects of Indians and funds for particular contingencies

Things You Should Know Before You Apply for Consular Services in UK

  • The embassy or consulate agents will check up on you or visit you if you are arrested for any treason. The agents will inform your family and provide you further assistance in getting legal help. You can ask them for necessary documents that need to be sent to you and the consular agents will also take care of your welfare and see to it that you are treated well before being proved guilty. Anybody voyaging abroad faces any issue that can apply for consular services in UK.
  • In case of any emergency, the consular service agents will contact your family members and these emergencies would include any kind of harm done to you while you are abroad.
  • If you face any issues, the consular holds the right to inform your family about the issue you face with or without your consent.
  • You need to make special insurances and arrangements before you travel abroad in case you encounter any civil unrest, international terrorism, and natural disasters.
  • You are eligible for some notarial services such as authenticating documents, witnessing them, administering affirmations and oaths in regards to the rules and regulations. Charges are applicable.
  • You should carry service documents and pieces of evidence to support your identity as an Indian national.
  • You cannot apply for consular services in UK for any commercial help, store your luggage, or deal with banking, travel agency and postal services.

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